Tú, mi amor 1972

A torrid affair, set in tropical splendor, between the young heritor of a wealthy empire built by German businessmen and an attractive Latin girl from a modest family. Both will have to prove the strength of their love in fighting against the ugly shadow of racial and economic prejudice.

Cold 1984

A little girl's cold spreads all over town in this short pop-art styled animation.

Spring in Gjirokastra 1978

Musical film. A young couple is getting married. While going to the bride's house, the husband and his family go through several cities, which are getting ready for the folklore concert of Gjirokastër.

Nihil oder Alle Zeit der Welt 1987

In an post-apocalyptic future, a group of young terrorists fights desperately against the obscure "Professor", the personification of all that is unwholesome in society, who ingeniously controls the ruins of civilization.

Christ Mass Sex Dance 1991

This work, composed of six rolls of superimposed images set to Tennet’s electronic music track ‘Blue Suede’, is a celebration of the balletic restraints of adolescent sexuality — (shaped in this instance) by ‘The Nutcracker Suite’ of Tchaikovsky as well as the gristly roots of Elvis Presley. – S.B.

Mantrap 1983

A longform video that showcases the British pop group ABC, using songs from their album "The Lexicon of Love" to tell a spy-caper story of how the unsuspecting lead singer, Martin Fry, is duped into fronting the band because of his striking resemblance to another man associated with espionage. Will he stumble onto the deception before it is too late for him?

Doublevision Presents: Cabaret Voltaire 1982

This scintillating compilation of various Cabaret Voltaire albums and singles makes a great introduction to this interesting group. Tracks include "Diskono," "Obsession," "Nag Nag Nag," "Seconds Too Late," "This Is Entertainment," "Badge of Evil," "Eddie's Out," "Landslide," "Photophobia," "Extract from Johnny Yesno," "Walls of Jericho," "Moscow," "Trash (Parts I & II)" and more.

Cardillac 1985

Wolfgang Sawallisch conducts this acclaimed staging of Paul Hindemith's ambitious opera of the goldsmith Cardillac, whom fortune seems to favor and then abandon, featuring Donald McIntyre and Maria de Francesca-Cavazza in the starring roles. Filmed in 1985 at the Bavarian State Opera and directed by the legendary Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, the production captures every nuance of Hindemith's powerful tale of love, suspicion and betrayal. Opera Performance, recorded at 16-25 September 1985 at the National Theater in Munich.

Kris Kristofferson: His Life and Work 1993

Interviews with celebrities such as Joan Baez, Jackson Browne, Dennis Hopper and Willie Nelson examine the remarkable career of actor-performer Kris Kristofferson, who successfully bridged the gap between Hollywood and Nashville. From his mastery of the "New Nashville" sound on his 1972 album "Jesus Was a Capricorn" to his role in the 1974 film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Kristofferson has shown an agility that's hard to match.

Kylie Minogue: Live in Manchester

Catch Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue live in concert as she performs an array of upbeat songs from her hit album, "Fever," such as "Can't Get You Out of My Head" and "Love at First Sight" as well as classic tunes such as "Locomotion." Recorded in front of an adoring Manchester audience, this lively, energetic and spirited concert features Minogue's signature stylized, impressively choreographed dance routines.

Cha Cha 1979

Bank robber Herman Brood becomes a rock and roll star with the help of Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich.

Billy Idol: Live in Wembley Arena 1990 1990

Billy Idol, recorded live at London's Wembley Arena, on December 22nd 1990, during the Charmed Life tour. Charmed Life was released in 1990, and a video for the single "Cradle of Love" had to be shot. Since he, Idol, was unable to walk, he was shot from the waist up. Against his doctors' advice, he also managed to make appearances to promote Charmed Life.