The Burglar 1987

With a brother dedicated to punk rock stardom at any cost and a drunken father who chases skirt between robotic dancing lessons from the TV, young Senka stands as much chance of nurture as the hero of Truffaut's 400 Blows. The amazing thing about Ogorodnikov's film is that it was made in Russia. Clearly, plenty of Soviet teenies share the nihilistic feelings of their Western counterparts, and the extensive footage of safety-pin chic at concerts perhaps points to a sound export instinct on the director's part. Senka's brother Kostya is under pressure from Howmuch, a very heavy rocker, to steal a synthesiser from the Community Centre, so to protect him Senka steals it himself. The story occupies little more space than the music, but the performances are splendid enough to lodge Senka's predicament in the heart.

The Burglar 2016

Alex, a young woman aged 18, lives with her mother in Arad, a small town in the middle of the desert near the Dead Sea. One day her mother disappears without a word of explanation. Abandoned, Alex must now get by alone. But when she creeps into the houses at night, it's not so much to steal money but to appropriate the intimacy of others and their lives.

The Burglar 1972

Burgler and master safe-cracker Glimmie is asked to find a young woman called Fanny by her rich stepfather Van Borsen. However, Glimmie remains suspicious of the man and decides that Fanny has to be protected by him and his pal 'De Bonk'. He is soon proved correct and winds up a scapegoat in Van Borsen's scheme. After his release from prison, Glimmie plans his revenge with some help from a young cleaning girl called Slofje.

The Burglar 1957

Burglar Nat Harbin (Dan Duryea) and his two associates set their sights on wealthy spiritualist Sister Sarah, who has inherited a fortune -- including a renowned emerald necklace -- from a Philadelphia financier. Using Nat's female ward, Gladden (Jayne Mansfield), to pose as an admirer and case the mansion where the woman lives, they set up a perfect break-in. Things get complicated afterwards.

The Burglar 1928

A man, accidentally locked out of his house is mistaken for a burglar as he attempts to re-enter the house. The gag is that the person mistaking him, is an actual burglar thinking the man to be a rival to his score.

Subub Surprises the Burglar 1903

Shows a bedroom and a man asleep in bed. A burglar cautiously raises the window, climbs in, and proceeds to go through the man's clothes...

The Cat Burglar 1961

Unwitting pickup artist Jack Coley (Jack Hogan) nabs a briefcase holding a costly scientific formula, turning himself into a moving target for owner Alan Sheridan (John Baer), foreign agents and the fuzz -- all bent on a blistering game of finders, keepers. In this stylized crime drama, the quarry coolly eludes the pack while eliciting the aid of an unlikely party: blonde beauty Nan Baker (June Kenney), the attaché's original carrier.

The Welcome Burglar 1909

Mack Sennett appears as a butler and a man in an office in this film produced by the Biograph Company.

The Burglar on the Roof 1898

There is a burglar on the rooftop of a Manhattan office building, and he is trying to break in. Two women spot him, and one of them begins beating him with a broom as they wait for help to arrive. Soon others do appear on the scene to help, but by now the burglar has decided that he is going to put up a fight in an attempt to escape.

A Burglar to the Rescue 1931

he is working on the books to cover his crimes,a visitor arrives with a gun. In the conversation that ensues it is revealed the visitor is an escaped convict that was a formed employee of the bank who was railroaded to prison to cover the crooked banker's crime. As with other entries in this series,there is a shadow projected every so often with a voice forecasting what is to come.

The Burglar's Slide for Life 1905

A burglar escapes from the apartment he's robbing by sliding down the clothesline, but in the end he's caught by the family dog.

The Burglar’s Dilemma 1912

In this latter day Cain and Abel story, a jealous brother strikes down his sibling just as a young burglar is about to enter the house. The jealous brother summons police, who then charge the young intruder with murder. How can the burglar prove his innocence?

The Christmas Burglars 1908

Mack Sennett appears as one of character Mike McLaren's assistants in this film produced by the Biograph Company.

The Dude and the Burglars 1903

Two burglars have just entered an elegant-looking home, but before they can proceed, the woman of the house enters the room. One of the burglars seizes her, but then her husband enters and gets her free of the burglar's grasp. But the husband did not notice the second burglar, who now comes to the aid of his partner - and a tense confrontation is about to begin.

The Radio Burglary 1951

Eager young radio reporter Teräsvuori stages a one-man burglary into the Helsinki Art Museum, recorded on tape for a later broadcast by his friend Laakso. Things go awry when a gang of real criminals overhear their plans and book their heist to coincide. Teräsvuori gets caught but escapes from police custody to start his private investigations together with female radio colleague Eila.

The Burglars 1971

In Athens a collection of emeralds is successfully stolen by a team of robbers, led by safe-cracker Azad. Things go smoothly until they miss the ship by which they planned their escape; a police chief pursues Azad while he waits for the next ship to set off.

Beat the Burglar

Beat the Burglar is a BBC television programme that uses ex-professional burglar Mike Fraser to break into people's homes with their permission to show how vulnerable they can be. Forensic teams then harvest the evidence for analysis by experts before giving the homeowners a home security makeover. The ex-professional burglar shows them what a real burglary would be like while they watch from a camera. Firstly he shows them how easy it is to enter their homes, then he takes their prized possessions. Later he returns the items and tells them how they can improve security in their homes. At the end of the show their home's security is improved and the ex-burglar returns to see whether they have beaten the burglar. Beat the Burglar is presented by Dominic Littlewood . The show is currently showing on UKTV and was previously shown on BBC One in Spring 2005.

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