Touched 2006

A romantic drama about a man who awakes from a coma without his sense of touch and the nurse who comes to his aid.

Touched 2017

A ghostly, psychological drama about a young woman who disappears from her building and her solitary landlord who tries to track her down.

Touched 2003

What happens when two profoundly lonely men who are strangers, one older and gay, and the second younger and questioning, take one last chance at making a sincere human connection? Based on true events in the life of the writer/director.

Touched 1983

Two mental patients in an institution fall in love and plan to escape in the search of a normal life.

Touched 2016

Touched is a romantic comedy about a man named Peter Wates whose life changes drastically the day he turns 18, and realizes he can get any woman he wants. He wasn’t a smooth-talking, charming man. He didn’t have the striking physique of a Greek statue, or the face of a heavenly being. He was normal; but a curse brought on by his father’s infidelity granted him an ability that any man would die for. At first, Peter believes his ‘touch’ is more of a gift than a curse – until he meets the love of his life and finds the ‘blessing’ brings more chaos than he ever imagined.

Touched 2014

Acclaimed author and recluse Norma Boswell is reaching the end of her days. She has kept her terminal diagnosis secret from everyone around her, her housekeeper and gardener, as well as her estranged son, Justin. As her health continues to decline, her doctor insists it is time to bring in a live-in nurse at home. Stubbornly proud, Norma rejects every candidate for the job straight away. That is until she comes across Emma Keating, who refuses to take no for an answer and whole-heartedly agrees to keep Norma’s secret.

Touched 2003

An exploration of the alien abduction phenomena told by some of those who experience it firsthand and the psychiatrist who believes they are telling the truth.

Touched 1999

A young man runs from the voices in his head into the arms of an elderly cowgirl.

Touched with Fire 2016

Carla and Marco are manic-depressive poets whose art is fueled by their emotional extremes. When they go off their meds, they end up in the same psychiatric hospital. As the chemistry between them stirs up their emotions, it intensifies their mania. Despite doctors' and parents' attempts to separate them, they pursue their beautiful but destructive romance which swings them from fantastical manic highs to suicidal depressive lows, until they have to choose between sanity and love.

Someone I Touched 1975

A woman learns that her husband has been unfaithful and that he has acquired a venereal disease. Then she learns that, after years of trying, she is finally pregnant

Touched by the Ocean 2017

The documentary film „Touched by the Ocean“ tells a story of a man who has loads of willpower, a big heart and is crazy enough to swim from Europe to Africa in order to cross the punishing Strait of Gibraltar. All that for a good and gallant cause.

Touched in the Head 1974

Baker's apprentice Chris is sacked from his job for being late. Unwilling to give up the flat that goes with the job, he and his friends resort to squatting. Liv, a Swedish girl moves in and is soon followed by Léon the car mechanic and Rosette, a girl from the bakery.

I Touched All Your Stuff 2014

This is a film about Christopher Kirk, an American IT guy who moves to Colombia after reading about Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses. It is also a film about the story of V., a story that Kirk obsessively tells and retells about his infatuation with a mysterious Japanese-columbian woman. A story that may or may not have to do with his arrest in 2009 in Brazil for international drug trafficking. Moreover, it is also a film about two directors.

Claudia touched by the moon 2018

After having suffered discrimination throughout her life, Claudia, a trans-Chilean midwife, remembers the hardest and most difficult moments she had to face in order to live her identity. The documentary tells its history, its struggle and the constant abuses that lived on the part of a society that still excludes those it considers different.

Touched by Love 1980

A teenager with cerebral palsy attempts to become pen pals with her idol, Elvis Presley.

Touched by a Killer 2001

Crime - When reporter Nicki Barrington investigates a man on death row for the murder of a young woman, she discovers the evidence was circumstantial and has his conviction overturned. After she falls in love with him, she is nagged by doubts of his innocence. - Isabella Hofmann, James Wilder, Erin Gray

The Woman Who Touched Legs 1960

Detective Katahachi meets a young and beautiful pickpocket and doesn’t arrest her because she was not in the act. Instead, he listens to the story about her parents who killed himself and died for overwork to feel sorry about her.

Never Touched Me 1919

Little more than a demonstration of physical violence, and Harold and Snub try to slap each other to death, Bud Jamison gets beaten on the head by policemen with Billy clubs, and even Bebe gets her foot stepped on.