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Passengers: Aurora Cut

How an Alternate Cut of ‘Passengers’ Makes It a Better Movie
Passengers: Aurora Cut
Passengers (2016) was criticized for being rather predictable. But what if there was one way to improve the final cut of the movie that would have made it infinitely more engaging? Nerdwriter takes a close look at Passengers and imagines how the story would have played out in a much more interesting way if instead of following the movie from the perspective of Chris Pratt’s character Jim, we begin the movie from the viewpoint of Jennifer Lawrence’s character Aurora. By following Aurora, there’s so much more mystery. Jim comes off as kind of creepy, and the audience wonders with Aurora whether or not he can be trusted. It makes the reveal of Jim’s decision to wake her up that much more surprising.The movie didn’t end up being cut this way when the trailers kept the fact that Jim woke up Aurora secret from the audience. But they didn’t keep it secret in the movie, thus removing any suspense or tension that might have made it seem more interesting.


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