Minky Momo in the Bridge Over Dreams 1993

A bridge's legend tells that when two people meet on it, they will surely meet again. Momo meets a boy who doesn't believe the legend, and promises that she will meet him again to prove it. As the year passes, she comes every day to wait for him, and becomes a small part of many people's lives.

Minky Momo: Good Luck Miracles 2015

When a baseball team won't allow little girls to play, Magical Minky Momo (Gigi) uses her powers to change that.

Minky Momo: Double-O Many Crises 2015

Magical girl Minky Momo (Gigi) goes on one of her strangest adventures when she must deliver a penguin's egg to her father's friend.

Magical Princess Minky Momo and the Fountain of Youth 1985

Once upon a time there was a king and a queen and they had a little girl named Princess Gigi. Gigi's royal parents told her that in order to govern their world wisely she would have to learn as much as she could about people, and the best place to do that was on Earth. Once on Earth, Gigi discovers an island with a secret garden where everyone is a child. In the garden she meets Peter who controls the fountain of youth which keeps everyone young. Together Gigi and Peter learn the importance of following their dreams as they fight to keep the power of the fountain of youth from getting in the hands of an evil organization.