Selena 1997

In this biographical drama, Selena Quintanilla is born into a musical Mexican-American family in Texas. Her father, Abraham, realizes that his young daughter is talented and begins performing with her at small venues. She finds success and falls for her guitarist, Chris Perez, who draws the ire of her father. Seeking mainstream stardom, Selena begins recording an English-language album which, tragically, she would never complete.

The Secret of the Selenites 1984

The film follows the adventures of Baron Munchausen, who is prompted to travel to the moon by his cousin Sirius, an astrologer convinced that it is inhabited by an ancient race called the Selenites. The Selentites incidentally possess the secret of immortality. The Baron takes up his cousin's offer and travels to the moon using a tall masted ship pulled by three hot air balloons and he is aided by his super-ability friends (who are from the prequel to this film, The Fabulous Adventures of the Legendary Baron Munchausen). When they reach the moon, they are initially placed in jeopardy as their craft lands in a crater and they fall into a subterranean sea inhabited by monsters...

Selendang Delima

Upon the order of this father, the Crown Prince Tengku Bangsegara goes to Gunung Ledang to learn martial arts from Betara Guru. Upon his return, he is shocked to see his kingdom ruined and her father and all his people being killed except his sister Sri Banian. Sri Banian marries Dewa Laksana, and gives birth to a girl named Selendang Delima. Selendang Delima is left under the care of Tengku Bangsegara, who settles in Benua Pur, becomes the Sultan and marries the seven princesses. Thinking that their husband has kept the girl hidden on purpose, the seven wives ill-treat her.

Selendang Rocker 2009

Selendang Rocker is an Indonesian films released on October 22, 2009, directed by Awi Suryadi. The film stars among others by Candil, Saykoji, Ramzi, Edric Tjandra, Joe P-Project, and Sarah Jane.

Selena Gomez: On Cloud 9 2016

She's released multi platinum albums, starred in Hollywood films, and had relationships with some of the world's biggest stars. Selena is on a roller coaster ride to celebrity superstardom, and she shows no signs of slowing down...

Selena Gomez: Living the Dream 2014

From being a huge Disney star, to releasing one of the most successful albums of 2013, Selena Gomez is is taking the world by storm. She first hit the scene when she starred in 'The Wizards of Waverly Place', one of the most successful shows in Disney's history. She then went on to become a global superstar as a recording artist, with her album 'Stars Dance' going on to become a multi platinum. Follow Selena's journey from child phenomenon to international sensation, with interviews from showbiz experts and Gomez herself. Selena Gomez is living the dream.

Selena ¡VIVE!

Selena ¡VIVE! was a benefit concert which was held on the 10th anniversary of Selena's death. The concert was held on April 7, 2005 at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas with over 70,000 attendees. The special was produced and filmed by the Spanish language network, Univision, and is the "most watched Spanish-language special" in U.S. history.