No Escape 2015

In their new overseas home, an American family soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape in an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed.

The Pressure Pak Show

The Pressure Pak Show was an Australian television game show. It aired from 1957 to 1958 on the ATN-7 in Sydney and GTV-9 in Melbourne. It was hosted by Jack Davey, who also hosted The Dulux Show and Give it a Go.

The Pact 2015

Piotr Grodecki is an investigative journalist uncovering corruption and scandals at the highest levels of government.

Pakko tanssia

Pakko tanssia on suomalaisversio brittiläisestä ohjelmaformaatista Got to Dance. Ohjelman brittiversiota on esitetty Suomessa Sub-kanavalla nimellä Tanssien tähtiin!. Pakko tanssia -sarjaa esitti Suomessa televisiokanava Yle TV2 ja sen tuotti Metronome Film & Television -tuotantoyhtiö.

Dateline Pakistan

Date Line Pakistan is a live news show on PTV News, the state channel of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is a 1 hour 20 minute show starting at 5.30 pm PST.`It is aired from the Islamabad center PTV NEWS CHAGHI studios.

Sochta Pakistan

Sochta Pakistan, is a TV talk show on PTV News Channel in Pakistan. It was started in April, 2011 by Mr. Moeed Pirzada who also hosts the show. It is an analytical and discussion based talk show which provides a platform for think tanks, strategic experts, economists, diplomats and other people from different walks of life in Pakistan and other countries. Interviewees on the programme include Hillary Clinton, Hamid Karzai, Sayeeda Warsi, Hina Rabbani Khar, and Yasin Malik.

Bolta Pakistan

Bolta Pakistan is a live current affairs talk show on AAJ TV. The show was originally hosted by Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas and ran Monday through Friday from 11 PM to midnight Since October 4, 2010, Orya Maqbool Jan and Saleem Bukhari have been hosting the show and is on Monday and Tuesday, 11:00 PM to Midnight. The show celebrated its first anniversary on May 7, 2008. It was initially aired from Rawalpindi. Presently, it is hosted from Lahore.It is now once again hosted by Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas and ran Monday through Wednesday from 11 PM to midnight The show that has rocked the establishment! Mushtaq Minhas and Nusrat Javed, with their polar opposite views on everything in life, fight it out on the big issues to show you every angle of the situation. Public and high ranking officials’ calls make the show the most relevant and dynamic show on television. The first of its kind format that has made 11pm the new prime time on news channels and has generated several copy cat shows on other channels.

Pakistan Idol

Pakistan Idol is an upcoming singing platform coming to Pakistan. Geo Television will be launching it in collaboration with Fremantle Media. The judges of the first season are Hadiqa Kiani, Ali Azmat and Bushra Ansari.Geo TV network has credited "Pakistan Idol's rights to its name. Not as the name states, the age group limit between 15-30 which makes it more of a Youth Idol rather than Pakistan Idol. Pakistan Idol started from the country’s capital, Islamabad. The auditions took place in the grand Centaurus Mall of the city.The next city on the list was Faisalabad. Pakistan idol heads towards Lahore on 28th September 2013.

Coke Studio Pakistan 2008

Coke Studio is a Pakistani music television series which features live studio-recorded music performances by various artists. The show is produced by the Coca-Cola Company and Frequency Media. Starting in 2008, Coke Studio has been popular throughout the country, receiving critical acclaim and frequently being rebroadcast on numerous television and radio stations. It is one of the most popular music programmes in Asia and is a local brand product of Coca-Cola. The program focuses on a fusion of the diverse musical influences in Pakistan, including eastern classical, folk, qawwali, bhangra, Sufi and contemporary hip hop, rock and pop music. The show provides a platform for renowned as well as upcoming and less mainstream artists, of various genres, regions and languages, to collaborate musically in live studio recording sessions.

Baat Hamari Pakki Hai

Baat Hamari Pakki Hai was an Indian television drama series which premiered on Sony Entertainment Television on May 31, 2010 and went off air on February 25, 2011.

George Ka Pakistan

George Ka Pakistan is a Pakistani reality show broadcast on Geo TV in 2005. The show revolves around George Fulton, a British journalist who has three months to become a Pakistani. The show is considered one of South Asia's first original reality TV shows.

Pakistan Sangeet Icon

Pakistan Sangeet Icon is a reality-based singing competition shown on MTV Pakistan, Indus TV and Gkaboom. It is based on the popular British show Pop Idol and its American counterpart American Idol. The show aims to find the most talented young singer in Pakistan. The show begins with a cross-country tour in which aspiring singers audition in front of three judges, namely Ali Haider, Mekaal Hasan and Pappu. Eventually the number of performers is narrowed down with each competitor performing live. Viewers have two hours following the broadcast of the show to phone or text in their votes for their favourite competitor. On the following week, the competitor with the fewest votes is eliminated. The two remaining finalists battle it out during the Finale and viewers have more time allotted to vote. The next day, the competitor with the most votes is declared the winner and is awarded One Crore Rupees.