The Heights 2017

A promising musical duo tries to avoid a meltdown before the biggest show of their career.

The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003

A quirky teen with a penchant for war reenactments, Kelly Ernswiler obsesses over military tactics with his buddy Bart. The school bully is one of Kelly's regular headaches, and he also has to deal with a frustrating situation at home, where his father is a recovering drug addict. Kelly's life gets even more complicated when he falls for Tabby, Bart's pretty and soon-to-be-wed older sister.

The Heights of Cumanday 1965

Calentoso, is a young boy that must transport mules across the mountains. He will be challenged to discover the deep secrets that the summit entails. This film is based on the legend of the ghost of the Ruiz Snow Mountain in the Region of Cumanday in Colombia.

Trouble in the Heights 2011

Near the shadow of the George Washington Bridge, a young Dominican teenager is hunted by a drug kingpin as his older brother must fight for both their survival over the course of a day in their Washington Heights neighborhood of New York.

In the Heights

A feature version of the Broadway musical, in which a bodega owner has mixed feelings about closing his store and retiring to the Dominican Republic after inheriting his grandmother's fortune.

In The Heights (Broadway) 2008

In the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, a young storeowner watches the joys and heartbreaks of his tight-knit community as they pass through his bodega.

Raising the Heights 1998

When a perfect storm breeds violence in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, a black teenager and a Jewish reporter face pivotal choices that could alter the course of their lives.

The Hook of Woodland Heights 1990

An escaped mental patient, who is missing a hand, uses a large barbecue fork in its place and proceeds to kill off the local teenagers.

The Satyr of Springbok Heights 2009

Cape Town, Republic of South Africa. Springbok Heights is a magnificent ivory tower - an art deco masterpiece and an anachronism in the new South Africa. Like its all-white inhabitants, it hasn't changed much in the last few decades. A tightly wound knot of tiny - yet superbly designed - bachelor flats, Springbok Heights seems to weave its residents into its mortar. The longer they stay... the longer they stay. Wouter Malan: Leadership qualities, musical tendencies, greasy facial hair. Wouter was compelled to take early retirement from his Physical Education post at the Oude Scholen Technical High School for Boys. Since then, money has been very, very tight. Hilda has been a Springbok Heights resident all her adult life and has had a crush on Wouter since the day he moved in. But since undergoing elective surgery in the 1970s, Hilda lacks the one thing Wouter seeks most in a companion. Nathan Golding: Affluent, endearing, mentally disabled.

On the Heights All is Peace 1999

Found footage anti-war film comprising film documents of the Austro-Hungarian and Italian army on the Alpine front, and from first generation picture material by war-film pioneer Luca Comerio.

Great Performances: In The Heights - Chasing Broadway Dreams 2009

The personal stories of composer/lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of the 2008 Tony Award winner In The Heights. In addition to including highlights from some of the show's dynamic performance numbers, this television special takes us into the lives of the cast members to illuminate how this culturally diverse company was able to bring their dreams of performing on the New York stage to fruition.

The Patty Duke Show: Still Rockin' in Brooklyn Heights 1999

Original castmembers from the 60's series reunite as Patty fights to stop her longtime nemesis Sue Ellen from turning Brooklyn to stop her longtime nemesis Sue Ellen from turning Brooklyn Heights High into a shopping mall.

The Heights 1992

The Heights is an American musical drama series that aired on the Fox network from August to November 1992.