La Boda de Valentina 2018

Valentina seems to have the perfect life in New York, with a perfect job and a perfect boyfriend, Jason Tate—far, far away from her scandalous political family in Mexico. When Jason proposes to her and wants to go to home to meet the family she has been keeping a secret, her two worlds clash. Adding to the hilarious chaos, her family brings her ex, Angel, into the picture and convinces Valentina to go along with a sham marriage to him in an effort to stop further negative press as her father runs for re-election. In the end, Valentina must choose where her heart belongs.


Valentina and her friends are fun-loving, teenage girls. They shop, they have sleepovers and they dream about their first true love. When they decide to throw a spring bonfire party, they never expected it would turn into such an adventure!

Valentina 1982

In 1939, in a French prison camp, José Garcés of the defeated Spanish Republican army raises the spirits of his fellow prisoners by telling the story of the year he was 8 years old, 1911, in a small town in northeastern Spain. He was a rascal, baffling his father, always in trouble, and in love with Valentina, a neighbor girl. On his roof top at night he sends semaphore messages to her. He writes poems. He gets them into trouble, killing her father's breeding pigeons. When the two families camp at a decaying castle, his tutor, a sympathetic priest, tells him about the most valiant men, the saints, the heroes, and the poets. Already a poet, he learns a lesson about being a hero.

Valentina 2017

A magical-realism documentary inspired by the writing of Juan Rulfo about a shepherd and his wife living in a Mexican ghost town.

Valentina 2016

Valentina is a luthier and artisan, the greatest heart builder in the world. On this day she has to rush to get Salvador, and save the love of her life.

Valentina 2016

Valentina lives among her extended family in the poor quarters of a Roma neighbourhood in Skopje, Macedonia. The ten-year-old girl is a tomboy and a highly gifted storyteller. To its charismatic heroine, the film is a roaming companion. Via quirky anecdotes, surreal daydreams and painful memories, Valentina introduces us to her family.

Valentina 1980

A drama about an affair between 18 years old dinning-room waitress and much older police investigator.

Valentina... The Virgin Wife 1975

Valentina and Giovannino have just got married, but the Honeymoon has gone by and nothing happened between the two. Tension grows and they are about to break up the marriage, until a French tourist satisfies Valentina, while Giovannino regains his virility with his mother in law.

Valentin and Valentina 1985

Valentin and Valentina love each other and want to marry. But their mothers are strongly against this marriage. So strong is their hate that they can use any possible means.

Den Svyatogo Valentina 2000

В день Святого Валентина — праздник всех влюбленных, `примерный` муж, проводив жену в командировку, решает отдохнуть от семейной жизни в обществе длинноногой красавицы и приглашает ее к себе домой. Но в самый разгар любовной идиллии неожиданно возвращается жена…

La Valentina 1938

Two young men compete for a young woman.

Valentina Igoshina Plays Chopin 2010

New light is shed on Chopin himself, not least in the interpretation of the music brought to life miraculously by the beautiful young Russian pianist, Valentina Igoshina. She explains what the music means to her and plays much of the music contained in the film in a specially recorded recital.

Valentina Lisitsa: Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2012

This Royal Albert Hall Concert, presented now on DVD, was also available online through live streaming. It is difficult to remember the last time any concert gave me so much pleasure and insight, and sent my soul soaring to such heights of joy. So many beloved piano pieces, so magnificently performed! Valentina has scaled the heights of technique, knocking off 'impossible' Liszt pieces like a stroll in the park. She melds with the piano with such assured ease that she can milk every piece for musical content and subtlety, reminding us of the great Hoffman, who also loved to play each piece a little differently every time, tapping deeply into the inexhaustible potential of a great composition, perpetually finding fresh ideas and magnificent new interpretations.

Valentine is alone 2013

A man named Valentine is alone on Valentine's Day., and it drives him mad. Meanwhile, other couples are experiencing their own problems.

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